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Roleplay: Min'na Tomodachi! (Season: 4)

Hello! Welcome to Min'na Tomodachi! (みんな ともだち!, lit. Everyone Friends!), PriPara Idol Academy's first and main roleplay series!

Before you make an episode or reply, make sure to read the rules and the introduction.

Brief Introduction

Pripara minna tomodachi idol time season
You just enrolled to the most famous academy for idols in PriPara, where you can learn the basics of being an idol, with dancing and singing classes, units, school teams, gorgeous student dorms. private deluxe "apartments" in the school ground, and anything you would wish for!
As a student however there are still main subjects, but don't worry, the teachers are awesome.

However as you first step into the school grounds you notice there's something wrong. Everyone is crazy, unique idols with the weirdest personalities ranging from very serious to hyper and crazy, but you soon realize they're all looking for friends (sometimes deep inside) and you all share the same dreams: Becoming a Top Idol!

In the Academy you will find a crazy cat teacher, a shipping club, fangirls and fanboys, hilarious students, all in, why don't you make an episode and meet them yourself?

Board Rules

  1. Please follow formatting rules.
  2. Any off-topic reply or any replies that leave out who made the episode can be ignored if the author wishes to.
  3. As mentioned above, avoid posting off-topic replies and/or leave the main episode characters out if it's clearly a plot episode and the owner would rather follow the storyline.

Any user who keeps breaking these rules will be temporarily banned from replying to episodes. There's a reason we'll be doing this, and the rules aren't hard to follow, so you'll mostly be fine!

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