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Roleplay: Min'na Tomodachi! (Season: 4)

Hello! Welcome to Min'na Tomodachi! (みんな ともだち!, lit. Everyone Friends!), PriPara Idol Academy's first and main roleplay series!

Before you make an episode or reply, make sure to read the rules and the introduction.

Brief Introduction

Pripara minna tomodachi idol time season
You just enrolled to the most famous academy for idols in PriPara, where you can learn the basics of being an idol, with dancing and singing classes, units, school teams, gorgeous student dorms. private deluxe "apartments" in the school ground, and anything you would wish for!
As a student however there are still main subjects, but don't worry, the teachers are awesome.

However as you first step into the school grounds you notice there's something wrong. Everyone is crazy, unique idols with the weirdest personalities ranging from very serious to hyper and crazy, but you soon realize they're all looking for friends (sometimes deep inside) and you all share the same dreams: Becoming a Top Idol!

In the Academy you will find a crazy cat teacher, a shipping club, fangirls and fanboys, hilarious students, all in, why don't you make an episode and meet them yourself?

Board Rules

  1. Please follow formatting rules.
  2. Any off-topic reply or any replies that leave out who made the episode can be ignored if the author wishes to.
  3. As mentioned above, avoid posting off-topic replies and/or leave the main episode characters out if it's clearly a plot episode and the owner would rather follow the storyline.

Any user who keeps breaking these rules will be temporarily banned from replying to episodes. There's a reason we'll be doing this, and the rules aren't hard to follow, so you'll mostly be fine!

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  • Sumire and the others were able to get home from the tragic incident on Venus. Their new alien friend, Ian Lavishine is with them and stayed in Earth for awhile. He won't be going back not until he finds a way to save his planet. The other planets heard of the incident as well and placed high security in all primary PriParas to protect the PriPara Crest.

    The PriPara Crest is what binds the planet's PriParas together. Like how in Earth there are many different kinds of PriParas, the other planets have a variety too and the main headquarters holds the PriPara Crest. The twin aliens seem have to something planned for taking the crests, not only their target is Venus but the others as well.

    However, before we get into the deepest detail, we'll tackle the events on planet Earth. While the others lead by Zwolympia are in Venus saving Sumire, Ichigo, Yurika and Nozomi, the man that showed up earlier before this happened seems to be lurking around the city, in search of something.

    Ayumu: Let's see here! This place sure hides many secrets. I wonder if that young woman said about the Fountain of Youth is even real.

    Just then, Akane happens to be in the same area. Busy with her research and with Galileo gone, she has Layla accompany her. Mikan in her PriPara form and Ann as well.

    Akane: I've radiated high detections of strong, paranormal energy around the area. My curiosity has reached it's peak and I'll find the ultimate source of this.

    Layla: You don't have to, Akane!

    Your character spotted the four girls. Seeing their crazy instruments, you can't help but grow curious of their activity and approached them.

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  • Haruka: Unit?

    Miyuko: Unit?!

    Rin: no 

    Haruka glanced at Rin, who clearly wasn't fine with what was just said to her.

    Lillie: Lookie, its the only way. Please? I know you want to get back, but really, you have to form a unit. Pretty please? 

    Rin: I believe forming a unit is an idea that is horrible. I prefer to do things by myself.

    Miyuko: Don't be such a lone wolf! 

    Rin: I've said no. I'll find away myself.

    Rin got on her gear and flew off.

    Haruka: Sheesh! Such a saltball.

    Lillie: Welp, guess you are stuck here. 


    Your character saw the three just standing there, staring at the sky.

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    • Maria: *runs up to them* Yo, Lillie! Didn't expect to see you here.

      Coco: S-slow down, Maria! I can't keep- huh? Who are your new friends?

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    • Natsu: I don't know what happened, but I want to try it! Oh hi there girls!

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    • Mikan: Wah! Lillie, Mikan hasn't seen you guys for a long time, nano! Are you watching the Ascension, nano?

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  • Helena: It's been quite a while...

    Narumi: Sí, we've been through a lot together

    Flore: And we are closer than ever!

    Helena: Do you think this is the moment?

    Narumi: Por supuesto, in other words, yes!

    Flore: Then it's official!


    Your character heard those 3 shouting and decided to investigate

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    • Inori: Quick Narumi! Before something bad happens!

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    • Narumi: Sure, sure, I'm on it!

      Helena: Quickly...

      Narumi: FLORE!

      Flore: What do you want?

      Narumi: Okay, we'll let you go...

      Helena: WHAT?!

      Narumi: But please, accept one last hug from us!

      Helena: N-Narumi...what are you...?

      Narumi: Trust me and hug!

      • Both hugged her*

      Flore: ...

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  • (The goal of this arc is to make it as boring as possible lmao)

    Yuki: Good morning, class, welcome to my class today.

    Class: Hello.

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  • "Hooray! We're once again voyaging through the stars again. This time, with a twist~"
    Remember Sumire is an old granny in a body of a 12 year old girl. Why did this happen? If you're familiar with the Symphonata story, it's all because of an intergalactic incident--an alien invasion just after her very first big stage concert. This killed almost everyone, including her parents and the only one she was able to save was her sister Yurika. The ruler Charlotte, won't let her die just yet until she completes her mission. Since Sumire's creation in 2015 and Prism Force's formation in 2016, we still don't know much about Sumire's mission...


    Until now!

    To discover the incident that happened before. To give justice to her parents and everyone else who suffered in the alien invasion. We get to meet witnesses along the way, all of them gathered under the same roof. A simple guessing game in her cosmic voyage. Which of the stars did it? Which planet did it? Will the aliens attack again? Protecting PriPara, everyone's dreams, from the nasty aliens is just part of this mission. This might probably end...her journey.

    NOTE: I think if I'm able to finish this arc, Symphonata Pro might be...finished as well.

    Aida: Sumire-senpai has been out for a long time already, hasn't she?

    Douji: Yep, I guess, she did say she and Prism Force will be coming back after their concert.

    Minako: But two hours just passed ugh. I thought she is going to teach us a new dance step! Douji help!

    Douji': I'll get to you.

    Sakura: Mhm!

    Someone knocks at the dressing room door. Sakura stands up and opens it, to find an old man.

    Old Man: Hey there! I was wondering know where a person named Hanasaki Sumire is.

    The first person who replies is the one who accompanied the young man to the dressing room. Their excuse is that they find the man roaming around the agency and decided to help him.

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    • Lilya: I'm fine too! Oh, Sumire-san, what's wrong?

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    • Sumire: Oh, *shakes her head* Nothing! Let's just go back to Earth. We'll have to get ourselves safe first.

      Galileo: Incoming! Charlotte has a message! I REPEAT!

      Sumire: Alright, what did she say...No way!

      END OF EPISODE! The continuation won't appear in the next episode and instead, we'll be focusing on this "lover" of Sumire. xD

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  • Victoria: You do realize...Sky's birthday is coming soon, right?

    Marissa: Yeah!

    Victoria: Why don't we do something special for her?

    Marissa: Special? You mean what we always do? We never find appropiate decorations, so we make a Hatsune Miku themed party, she complains at us but then we give her a gift which makes her love us again?

    Victoria: Ummm,, why don't we give her a surprise now that we're in Parajuku?

    Marissa: But how can we give her a surprise? 

    Victoria: Let's ask for help! And invite lots of Idols! It'll be a surprise tea party!

    Marissa: Oh, right! Cool! Who should we start with?

    Victoria: How about...oh, there! Hey!!!

    The person Victoria called was your character

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