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  • I live in PriPara Idol Academy
  • My occupation is Allowing users to talk about anything on my wall!
  • I am crossgender

General Discussion - Fun threads, events, random RP's and more

Hello! Welcome to the General Discussion board, where you can chat with others, host events, giveaways, roleplays and more! A place to sit back and enjoy your time with the other PriPara Idol Academy friends.

Board Rules

  1. When making a thread, please follow the wiki rules and try to make them all-ages friendly.
  2. Unexpected, but off-topic is the main purpose of this board! Random is welcome, enjoy the Nijiru-ness!
  3. Any kinds of topics are welcome, as long as they're acceptable by our users.
  4. This isn't meant to be an extremely serious board, but please try your best to be nice and avoid fights. It's a free board, but that doesn't mean you can say anything about others.
  5. Roleplays are welcome, but if they have a particularly complex plot they should go to either MiTomo or PriFes.
  6. We still wish to use the Discussions feature, and this isn't meant to be a replacement for it. In Discussions, feel free to do anything, even threads resempling "posts" or oneshots, one-person roleplays, anything. We wish to use all features.

Any user who keeps breaking these rules will be warned, but it could become a ban if the issues get serious.

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