Furanzu Ibara

aka 全能の民主主義者

  • I live in Pripara Heaven
  • I was born on October 25
  • My occupation is 運命の支配者
  • I am アストラル神
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  • So, I spotted you online so I can't help but say hi! xD

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    • yes i do need your help but i'm a big busy about filling a file going to japan right now xD so i'd like to tell you that i'll be a bit busy on this week XD

      oh and i'll tell you when i'm free cuz there will be so much things to do this month!

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    • Ahhh I understand. (^^) I'll be doing the "animations" along with the submitted lines first and I'll give Neon some space. The third skit script is already out and u only have a few lines yo do, but I'll exempt you from the deadline on June 18. (^^)

      Good luck btw! (^0^)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hiiii *hugs Furanzu*

    So, how are you?

    I'm being extremely random all day xD

    Here is my crappy art (i did my best but its still not good ewe)

    Ah, btw, can you tell me your timezone so i would know when i can message you ^^

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  • Lol I was bored so I made this xD Guess weho it is pretty obvious xD

    Kamich 1
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