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Melody Ibara is the future daughter of Furanzu and Laala. She has similar powers to that of her father. Her brand is Twinkle Ribbon Special. Her debut song is Make it!. Her Making Drama is Bright Fantasy.


The daughter of the legendary servant is Melody. Melody is the future princess of PriPara. She's very nice to everyone and she respects others. She has a princess manners and is very sensitive. She has a mysterious Prism Voice, which is more powerful than a normal one.


She has the same hairstyle as her mother, but pink instead. She has a red eyes.

Being an Idol

She use a brand called Twinkle Ribbon Special. She loves wearing cute and legendary coords.

Being a Prism Star

She likes to the Pretty Rhythm World along with her father. She loves skating and using a Prism Jump. She's always practicing to one day defeat her father in a Prism Show contest.

Being an Actress

She loves to act just for fun. She is given the title of "Best Actress".

Being a Princess

She is the Princess of PriPara in the future. She is nice, mature and always helps people.She has royal manners, but is very sensitive, meaning it's easy to make her cry. All males instantly fall in love with her because of her beauty.

Special Ending part 1

She was born with no sin, and now wants to learn how to become a goddess. This is her goal.

Special Ending part 2 (final)

She finally achieved her goal; to become a goddess. However, there is still one challenge she has to face; defeating her father 1v1 live.

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