Template:Idol InfoMegumi Suzukawa is a female student at the Paprika Private Academy. She is a Lovely-Type Idol, whose preferred brand is Twinkle Ribbon. Her dream is to become the Perfect Lovely Idol and surpass Laala Manaka and Non Manaka.

Main Coords

  • Fairy Tale Frosting Cookies Coord: She uses this coord to enter PriPara.
  • Twinkle Ribbon Cyalume Coord: Her Cyalume Coord.


Inside PriPara, Megumi is adorable and kind to everyone. She is helpful to many and adores with all her soul PriPara.

Outside of PriPara, she is not a remarkable person, just a normal girl with a normal life, only that she is antisocial




Laala Manaka & Non Manaka

Megumi is very fan of Laala and Non, and adores them very much since they are very adorable and smiling. Megumi wants to outdo the two of them and be the Lovely Perfect Idol


  • She has Prism Voice.
  • She can play the piano perfectly.
  • Her favorite holidays are Christmas and New Year.
  • She has no friends in her classroom.
  • She shares the same singing voice actress as Miyuki.



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