Masumi Kisaragi

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Kanji 如月 ますみ
Romaji Kisaragi Masumi
Personal Info
BirthdayJuly 16th
Blood TypeAB type
Height158 cm
Hair ColorYellow-Orange
Eye ColorDark Purple
FamilyYang Li Cheng(Father)

Kisaragi Aika(Mother)

Home PlaceTokyo, Japan
OccupationIdol, Student
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Anata ga inai yokaze
Favorite Brand(s)Angels Smile
Image Color     Mauve
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressAyasa Itou
SingerAyasa Itou
Kisaragi Masumi(如月 ますみ)is a Lovely-type idol who prefers the brand Angels Smile, is an idol from Pripara Idol Academy. Her representative color is      Mauve, and Yumeno Kaori, Omori Sina formed Meteor★.


Masumi has White and tender skin, Orange hair, Purple eyes,The usual way is to tie two pairs of cauda equina,To the image after the pripara changed the long double cauda equina


Masumi is a very lively and cheerful girl,sometimes very quiet,Mathematics is not good,but the motor nerve is excellent,love jokes,Is the school discipline committee,Half of Taiwan's descent

Significant Coords


Hanasaki Izumi - Because they like the songs are the same,have the same character,the two are very good

Tenshoin Manami - Is the only one who can beat her to do something to eat

Mirei Minami - Childhood and Mirei know,but also know her problems,often pointing Milei shortcomings which should be improved

Omori Sina - A good friend of a child

Yumeno Kaori - and Sina and she is a friend


  • She often secretly collects gossip from other people
  • Like to see superhero comics,when the comic drama climax,will follow excited
  • She attached great importance to friendship
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