" want that? Alright...feel have it. I'll pay." - Marissa talking to Allee.Template:Idol InfoMarissa Hanasaki is a 15 year old girl who goes to the same class as Hanabi. She was diagnosed with autism when she was only two years old. She is 75% Japanese and 25% Hawaiian.


Marissa has purple hair braided and tied into a ponytail. She has a crescent ahoge popping up in her hair. She also has green eyes. She is short, shorter than Hanabi.

In the PriPara world, she wears a blue T-Shirt and a short, pink, fluffy skirt. She wears cute sneakers with it.

Her signature color is blue.


Marissa is a shy girl who speaks short sentences. She likes kids, having grown up in a neighborhood full of them. While she does want to make friends, it's hard for her to because of how she's bad at talking and many people call her "dumb" or "stupid" because of her autism. She doesn't often care about it, though.

Because of how her mother died shortly after birth, she never had a mother figure around and spent all of her time with her father.

She's good friends with Kelsey and Allee and has a crush on Haylo.


Ohana Hanasaki - Her mother. Because of her death when she was still a baby, she doesn't know her very well, but she loves her still.

Akio Hanasaki - Her father. She loves him the way he is, and likes to spend time with him. She's embarrassed about that though.

Hanabi Shiratama - Her classmate. She sometimes talks to her, but Hanabi finds it hard to accept her.

Kelsey Gemspring - Her close friend. Despite the 10 year age gap, they're pretty close friends as Kelsey accepted her the second they first meet.

Allee Gemspring - Her other close friend. Allee calls Marissa "the second best person in the world" as the first, to Allee, will always be Haylo.

Haylo Summerhaven - Her crush. She first fell in love with him when Kelsey introduced him to her as a best friend. Marissa proceeds to start hugging him for five minutes straight! She did this because of how she believed Haylo also accepted her as herself. He did.


  • This is the first autistic character GanbareHannahChan made on this wiki, which is surprising, since she herself has Asperger's.
  • She doesn't like the sounds of gun shots, inaudible whispering, or roaring bears. She cries when she hears those sounds.
    • She also doesn't like it when her ears, feet, or armpits are touched, and cries when they're touched by someone.
      • However, she finds it soothing when someone rubs her back or her hair.
  • Despite some autistic children not liking hugs, she loves hugs, so hug this girl.
  • Beli is interested in her, because she reminds her of a cinnamon roll, and Beli loves cinnamon rolls.
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