Maeda Akari

Maeda Akari Casual

Maeda Akari Cyalume

Akira SCR

Kanji 前田 あかり
Romaji Maeda Akari
Personal Info
BirthdayAugust 18th
Blood TypeO type
Height1'45 cm
Hair Color     Pink
Eye Color     Lilac
FamilyMaeda Jiro(Her father)

Maeda Yayoi(Her mother)

Home PlaceJapan Tokyo
OccupationIdol, Student
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Zankyō wa nari yamazu
Favorite Brand(s)Angels Smile
Image Color     Mint
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressKurosawa Tomoyo
SingerKurosawa Tomoyo
The book is the source of knowledge

Maeda Akari(前田 あかり)is an idol from Pripara Idol Academy. Her favorite brand is Angels Smile and her representative color is Mint     , and Sanae, Shizuku composed of Vanilla Callings♪.


Akari was in a high IQ family, from small to large reading literacy high, IQ is also high scary, is the class never fall to the first, classmates are very envious of her, because the mother had gone to pripara when the idol, so I want to follow my mother as an idol.


Akari born in Tokyo, father is a famous professor of literature, mother is a famous novelist, the class people want to go beyond her but not beyond, Japan and China's history is very understanding, but not interested in European and American history, and Sanae, Shizuku are friends.


Tsukahara Sanae - The age of the super good friends, very adore Sanae, they often help each other, their feelings are very good.

Izayoi Shizuku - The age of the super good friends, have to practice wood sword, and Shizuku often practicing wooden sword, their feelings are very good.

Melody Hoshizora  - From childhood to childhood, like to joke on her, their feelings are very good.

Hanasaki Izumi  - Inexplicable often her Tucao, but the two very often mouth cannon, but the two are very good.


  • She was poisonous.
  • She sometimes leads to too much truth because Tucao point.
  • She hated to receive the love letter.
  • She shares the same name as Akari Amahane and Akari Hoshiiro.
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