Template:Idol Info Madeline Sycamore is a Lovely Type Idol who uses Marionette Mu, but may also use Princess Dream on special occasions. She is one of SingMeloetta's Characters. Her debut song was Marionette Ballerina. Her Making Drama is Moonbeam Elegance Rising.


Madeline, while in Pripara she is very shy, forgetful, and often spaces out, but she is very sweet. She also has a weak body while in Pripara, and her manager, Hime watches over her at all times, as she gets tired extremely easily, to the point of where, if the dance moves are at to quick of a pace during a live, she may pass out. As her parents live in France, and she has no relatives that live in Parajuku, she usually stays in Pripara Hills. However, during the rare times when she is outside of Pripara, her personality changes drastically. She becomes much smarter, and her stamina increases by a lot. She is also rather un-trusting and standoffish outside of Pripara.


The reason why she is standoffish is because she has had bad experiences during the albeit short time she lived in Hokkaido with her adoptive mother (she was adopted and lived with her adoptive mother for the first 10 and a half years of her life. and attended Sappara (Sapparo Pripara), as other idols teased her constantly about her weak body. After she moved from Hokkaido, she lived in France with her parents, who were rarely ever home, as one was a famous actress and the other a biology/geology professor. As they traveled a lot, they moved Madeline back to Japan, and with a little more idol work, she earned her ticket into Pripara. She is Sappara's Princess Idol Student.

Significant Coords

Colorful Ribbons Coord (Casual Coord)

Dreaming Princess Cyalume Coord (Cyalume Coord)

Dancing Midnight Glow Coord (Debut Coord)


Madeline's Lovely Christmas Live

November 2015- Madeline's entry

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