Lyrica Hasegawa

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Kanji ライリカ 長谷川
Romaji Ririka Hasegawa
Personal Info
SpeciesCreature of The Garden of Light, Eden.
Birthday13th of March
Height1'45 cm
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGolden
FamilyLaura Hasegawa - Mother

Naroa Hasegawa - Big sister Klein Dove - Father

Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Rainbow Harmonia
Image Color

Lyrica Hasegawa (リリカ 長谷川 Ririka Hasegawa) is a Premium-type Idol from PriPara Idol Academy and her favorite brand is Rainbow Harmonia.

She's a seconday character of PrettyOjamajo7 and a character from Kirameki! Kami Jewels Serie. She's the daughter of Laura Hasegawa and the little sister of Naroa Hasegawa.


She's a short little girl with pale skin, yellow eyes with stars inside of them and brown short hair with a straight band and a braid going from the left to right of his head. She usually wears violet and silver clothes even thought her theme color is Pastel yellow.


As a 9 years old child and Laura's daughter, she has a childish personality and she is also so active like her mother, including her very happy side.


She was born at The Garden of Light Eden. TBA


  • She has like a star aura inside her eyes.
  • He loves being an idol.
  • She's Laura's daughter and Naroa's little sister.
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