"The world will be silent......before the destruction I bring." -Loolo Monoko

「世界よ、沈黙せよ。我がもたらす滅びの前に。」 –物古ろぉろ

Template:Idol Info Loolo Monoko is Laala Manaka's evil shadow and is the main antagonist of PriPara Records. She is a evil type idol who uses the brand Different Rider. She is the center/leader of Alstroemeria. Loolo seeks the destruction of both Outside World and PriPara and leads the vocals of Alstroemeria in pursuit of this goal. Loolo's first vessel was Yoshi Ayasaki, who got diffrided illegally as a vessel. After Loolo was defeated by the PriPara Police and dragged out of Yoshi's body, Loolo was sealed back into her prison called Records. Alstroemeria then plans to revive Loolo and pick a suitable person as Loolo's vessel. After Loolo was revived by Alstroemeria, Loolo's second vessel was Fuwari Midorikaze, who got diffrided illegally as a vessel. Loolo's songs are pretty much Electronic Dance Musics (EDMs).

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Loolo is an evil goddess, with her symbol, the alstroemeria flower, on her forehead. Loolo holds her vessel who's actually unconsious inside the purple aura. Loolo has the same appearance as Laala except she is the shadow version of Laala. Inside PriPara, she has very long gray hair tied in pigtails and is taller and has blue eyes.


Loolo was introduced with no known personality, showing no emotion and having an unchanging facial expression, speaking only when necessary to debut. However, when the Alstroemeria Airy ReCoords were gathered into Loolo's hands, Loolo was able to show emotions such as laughing and smiling. Loolo refers to herself as nothingness and scares her opponents and tells them to be afraid of nothing. Loolo is dangerous and evil and has the ability to diffride humans. Loolo loves to injure idols and is the rival-type.


  • Saya - A vocal and a member of Alstroemeria.
  • Gaito - A vocal and a member of Alstroemeria. In the second season of PriPara Records, Loolo/Yoshi picked her as the vessel for Gaito to diffride.
  • Yoshi Ayasaki/DJ Zeroth - A DJ who founded Alstroemeria and plans to reform PriPara into RecoPara (Record Paradise). Loolo diffrided Yoshi and made him the vessel. He is also Shuuka's childhood friend.
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