Lilya Midoriyuki
Kanji リリャ・ミドリジュキ
Romaji Rirya Midorijuki
Personal Info
BirthdayAugust 24
Blood TypeA-
Height1.69 m
Hair Color     Bright Blonde and      Pastel Green in PriPara
Eye Color     Ice Blue
FamilyHelena Pinkuyuki-Older Cousin

Anya Midoriyuki-Older Sister

Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)BLACK SHOUT
Favorite Brand(s)Holic Trick and Secret Alice
Image Color    Aquamarine
Idol TypeCool
"Sometimes...I feel like the sweet song of a caged bird..."

Lilya Midoriyuki (Kokoro Midoriyuki in PriPara: Chance to Shine!) is an Idol from PriPara Idol Academy, she's the sister of Anya Midoriyuki and the cousin of Helena Pinkuyuki.

She's Kimo's 10th character.


Outside and Inside PriPara she has wavy, long, pastel yellow hair and pale skin. She usually wears a little blue hairclip at the side of her head. She tends to have baggy eyes. Her eyes are Ice Blue.

Inside PriPara, she acquires a bright green ombre and her hair ties in a ponytail


She's considered as a "big sis'" because of her caring and sweet personality. However, she seems to be in the border of depression, since her true happy moments can be counted with fingers, sometimes she carries eye bags, denoting she cries a lot.



  • Helena Pinkuyuki: She really admires Helena and followed her steps of being an Idol.


  • Anya Midoriyuki: Older sister, in their childhood they would play all day together, but they started to take different paths since they reached Middle school. She's decided to find out hat happened to her.



PIA Ver.

Helena told Lilya her problem of fragilitylong ago, and they were together from that day on, simultaneously to the events of Episode 637, she started planning her Idol debut, when Anya became literally insane, she decided to aid Helena by going to PriPara.

Chance to Shine! Ver.

Idol Data

Brand: Holic Trick and Secret Alice

Type: Cool

A. Cyalume Change: Unable to do it


Waitu for them...

Significante Coords

Lolita Levels Cyalume Coord: Her Cyalume

Stardust Blue Gradient Coord: Her Casual



  • Her CS counterpart is the country of Ukraine
  • She's creating her own perfume line
  • Her favorite food is any kind of plate including potatoes
  • She's a great fan of Disney
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