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Kanji 虹色 リリーエ
Romaji Nijiiro Lillie
Personal Info
BirthdaySeptember 22
Blood TypeA
Hair ColorPink (Inside PriPara) Black (Outside PriPara)
Eye ColorBlue (Inside PriPara) Brown (Outside PriPara)
Home PlaceParajuku, Japan.
OccupationCollege Student, Idol
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Melancholic
Favorite Brand(s)Sunny Ribbon
Image Color     and     
Idol TypePrism Type
Voice ActressMaaya Uchida
SingerMaaya Uchida

- Lillie Nijiiro

Lillie Nijiiro is a student at Tokyo University and an 8th grader at PriPara Idol Academy. She is a Prism Type Idol who prefers the brand "Sunny Ribbon"

She is User: Lillie Nijiiro's first and main character.


Outside PriPara, Lillie has black hair tied up in half pigtails. She has brown eyes and wears glasses, even though her eyesight is perfect. In PriPara her hair becomes neon pink, and longer. Her pigtails become buns and also become pink and streaks of blue are in them. She also loses her glasses and becomes taller and gains electric blue eyes.

In Nijiiro Yattemita, she can turn her appearance. The appearance involves her pigtails shorter with curls, and blue ombré.


Lillie is the kind of person that enjoys anything linked to smarts. From reading, to studying, to even doing exams. She says its her form of therapy and loves doing all of them.

She normally is an upbeat person, who attempts to have a positive attitude towards everything in life. Lillie says she becomes more hyper when anything linked to learning is involved.

Lillie also loves nature, as she has her own garden and is the head of the gardening club. She likes climbing trees.


She was born in Kyoto, and she got bullied by students in her kindergarten. She wanted to move after 2nd Grade, and her parents said yes. Her parents then enrolled her in Paprika Private Academy.


Mystery: Lillie's first friend in PriPara. She really cares about him the same way he does to her. He calls her a kohai and sees her as the future of PriPara. She makes him lots of tea.

Hanako: Lillie loves Hanako's crepes. They both are quite good friends and seem to get on good terms together.

Haruka: She gets along quite well with Haruka. Lillie guesses that Haruka sees her as her kohai. Lillie likes her pancakes.

Flower- Flower is one of Lillie's very good friends. She gets along on good terms with her a lot.

Sun and Moon- Lillie's good friends. Sun is a big fan of Lillie.

Madoka Harune: Her beloved cousin.

Nino Nijiiro: Lillie's other cousin.


  • Her favorite subject is all the core subjects while her least favourite subject is Physical Education
  • Her visuals were made by: Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa, Hanako Inoue, and Ginagi Sayonara.
  • She is not good at gymnastics, big instruments, really long range sniping and cutting fish to make sashimi.
    • As of Episode 709, it is revealed she has terrible leadership skills.
  • Her favourite food is French Onion Soup,
  • Lillie's most treasured item is a set of chemistry books (for adult researchers)
  • She travels to France (aka the Miraculous Ladybug place) and gets akumatized into Space Princess.

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