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Koyoi Takase

Appearance | Uniform KoyoiTakase

Kanji 夢川ショウゴ
Romaji Koyoi Takase
Personal Info
Birthday24th of December
ZodiacSagittarius ♐
Hair ColorDark Blue
Home PlacePaparajuku
OccupationIdol, student.
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Gira Galactic·Tightrope

Koyoi Takase (高瀬コヨイ Takase Koyoi) is an original pripara character. He's a cool-type Idol from Praparajuku and a student of Avocado Academy. He's currently being used by PrettyOjamajo7.

He's a member of a popular danpri idol unit called WITH. If you want to use him you have to ask their users, if you don't do that you'll get a Warning Ticket. His representative color is Violet.


He's a pretty tall teenage of white skin and skin figure. He has got green-gray cool eyes and dark blue-gray hair with a side-bang. He usually is seen with his Avocado school uniform and his WITH's unit coord.


He it's showed to be a cool and calmed person who is gentle to everyone tho he seems to like making Shougo embarrassed.. He's always so relaxed that makes you think he can't get angry.


  • Shougo Yumekawa - A fellow member of WITH. They get well,he usually tends to take good care of him and acts like a mama knowing his true feelings. Loves to make Shougo embarrased.
  • Asahi Mitaka - Also a fellow member of WITH. They get along and they seem to be good friends with each other being the two likes always making shougo embarrased.


  • He is one of the firsts males to be in a all-male unit in pripara.
  • He loves miso, it's his favorite food.
  • He's PrettyOjamajo7's crush.
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