I can say, I am the best one ever after!-Kita Kiryie. Template:Idol InfoKita Kiryie is a character created by Miram Masaka. She presents Miram Masaka as her main character.


She has blonde long hair and dark blue eyes inside Pripara. When she leaves Pripara, she has a blonde hair and light blue eyes. She is very mysterious as she is a mysterious goddness's daughter.


She is a bit clumsy and she try her best to talk to strangers.You are not very easy to get into her blacklist. She is grumpy once she didn't get enough sleep.She always talk to others.


As she is the daughter of a goddness, she lives in Starlight Palace when she is young. She came to the human world cause the palace is broken and she fell. She landed in PriPara and she lost all her memories. After she met her manager, Kumie, she told everything to Kita. Kumie also said she needs to work hard and wake the power what can bring her back to home. She knew that she needs to re-open the golden rainbow door to back.


Dolie East: Dolie is Kita's best friend and she always make Kita want to hide.

Juna Christame: Kita's rival but they finally came friends. As they were friends, they still want to defect each other.

Sapphilia: Her mum who is a goddness of PriPara.

Kiratori Minwa: She is the first one to know Kita's secret without Kita telling her.


She has an ability that she can watch what happened in the past of future.She can do time travel too.

She is also a known idol of Aikatsu and she can do appearl in PriPara shows too.

She can do what airy she wanted in normal stage for dream theater.

She has a Prism Voice that she can wake a Vocal Doll without a paradise coord.

If she wanted,she can do Prism Jumps during PriPara shows too.

Her friends called her 'Ki'.This her nickname.

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