"Pika pikarin someday I will win the most gobi-ish pop idol award-pika"

Kirarin Hoshinokawa

Kirarin HoshinokawaNewEdit

Kanji 星野川 きらりん
Romaji Hoshinokawa Kirarin
Personal Info
BirthdaySeptember 9th
Hair ColorLight blue
Eye ColorYellow
Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Little⭐Tinkle⭐Star

Kirarin Hoshinokawa (星野川 きらりん Hoshinokawa Kirarin) is a 14 years old pop type idol and she is Kaori994's second character.


She is a very hyper-active girl who's very carefree and stupid being often called a "Baka" especially by Umi, thought she is very fond of Umi nicknaming her "Umichi".

Physical appreance

She has light blue hair curled into a ponytail, and yellow eyes, her main theme is stars.


Umi Aoi - She is her childhood friend but they got seperated after She traveled to Pamerica for her parents' job. She was Forced by Kirarin and Mirei to make a unit with them.

Mirei Minami - Her friend they used to be in the same class as elemantary schoolers and they both shared the dream of becoming a divine gobi idol. She , Umi and Kirarin made an unit later (with Umi being dragged into it XD).




  • Her gobi is "pika" which matches her name and image.
  • She likes to show up from the sky landing like a meteor.
  • She starts shouting when shocked which makes her run out of breath causing her to go to the hospital daily.
  • She was born on September 9th
    • That means her zodiac is virgo.
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