Template:Idol Info Kira Starshine is a Lovely-type idol who prefers the brand Holic Trick, but Meganee chose Twinkle Ribbon. Kira is Sakura and Mimi's "oneechan".

User: Hanako Inoue


Kira appears as a calm, mature person who only focuses on fans and idol work, but is in truth a klutz.

Kira would do anything for Natsumi, and as a result they're really close.


Kira has a fair complexion with sparkling, raspberry eyes. Her dark red hair is long, going past her waist with short parted bangs and forelocks to frame her face. She has a small curled cowlick.

She normally wears mature attire that is very fancy and normally includes high heels.


Casual- Pink Autumn Leaf Coord

Cyalume- Mystery TR Cyalume Coord

Out of PriPara- White Pearl Coord


Starshine's Family & Shine Shiroumi: They are super-close and are always together.


  • Along with Michiko Manaka, the two of them participated in PriPara Producers Power (PPP) on PriPara Wiki.
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