Template:Idol InfoKanade Toshiko is a Celeb Idol who is roleplayed by CureItsuki. She is a Pixie (or Fairy) who uses the brand Super SYMPHONY. She holds the Sapphire Magic Crest.


When Kanade was 12, she was sent to Earth by Princess Ruby. She is sort of like Falulu when she was unawakened. She did not know anything. She watched many performances, and finally debuted. She explained after her show that she needed help from someone. She wanted a helper to teach her new things. After she was with her helper for a very long time (2 years), she finally was much smarter than before.


Kanade doesn't want anyone to know she is a Fairy, so she made a surname, Toshiko. She is now very smart after being with her helper. She is loyal, sweet, and cute.


Kanade has long, light blue hair and darker blue eyes. Her hairpiece is a dark blue crown with light blue and yellow hearts. Her dress is white with blue wings in the back. The dress has ruffles that are white, pink, blue and yellow. Kanade wears white boots decorated with blue hearts.

When Kanade is in her Cyalume Crest form, she gets shorter red hair, tied into a ponytail with a pink streak. Her dress is mainly red and white, and it is decorated with flowers.


  • Kanade's brand, Super SYMPHONY, is a Premium type brand, but Kanade is a Celeb Type.
  • She is a huge fan of Garumageddon.
  • She sometimes creates her own Coords.
  • She ends some of her sentences with ~Vi.


  • Super SYMPHONY Celeb Cyalume Coord- Casual Coord in her Regular Form.
  • Super SYMPHONY Sunny Cyalume Coord- New Cyalume Coord in her Regular Form.
  • Fire Flower Celeb Coord- Casual Coord in her Cyalume Crest Form.
  • Super SYMPHONY Ember Cyalume Coord- Cyalume Coord in Cyalume Crest Form.


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