Kakizaki Fumino
Kanji 柿崎 文乃
Romaji Kakizaki Fumino
Personal Info
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Safe and Sound
Voice ActressKondo Reina
SingerKondo Reina
Kakizaki Fumino(柿崎 文乃)is an idol from Pripara Idol Academy,Her favorite brand is Sweet Dreams,Her representative color is pink,and  Hasumi Nozomi composed of K&H


Because she is a popular singer,and in the TV to see the pripara TV ads,and determined to come to the further development of the pripara


Osana born in Tokyo,People at home are very famous actor or singer,so every time you go to school,we must first dress up at home to recognize it before going to school,or there will be a lot of people onlookers


Hasumi Nozomi - And Osana is a common partner,Later,the composition of the K&H


  • Because their fifth grade when playing Tee Ball,because playing crooked ball,do not care to the sports teacher's reproductive organs,and later because of this rather than playing Tee Ball
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