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Junon is a main character who debuted in Season 3 of the original PriPara series. She is part of the unit Triangle, along with Pinon and Kanon. Junon is currently used by Miuki15.


Junon is shown to have a very cool personality, saying nothing except cool phrases.


Junon has ruby-colored eyes and purple hair. Her hair is pulled into a high side ponytail with two curls, similar to Falulu's hairstyle. She has a lavender strip of hair, which resembles the number 3.



  • She was announced along with Jewlulu.
  • In the anime, she was revealed to be the cool form of Non.
    • In order for Triangle to perform together in the anime, Non made Junon and Pinon holograms.
  • She was the first member of the unit Triangle to debut.
  • It was revealed in Episode 98 that Non modeled her after Shion, Sophie, Cosmo, Aroma and all the Cool-type PriPara idols.
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