Template:Idol Info Jewlulu (ジュルル) is one of the original characters in the anime series. This character is RP'ed with Ivanly912. She wears the Rosette Pact on her, and is shown that she's able to go inside and outside of it freely.

Note: If you want to do the Kami Challenge with one of your idols, you have to make your characters bond with Jururu first. Please go to Ivanly's wall to RP with her and bond with Jururu.


Jewlulu has light fuchsia eyes and short, pastel green hair with a small bun above her head, tied with a ribbon that resembles the one on Laala's Cyalume Coord Hairpiece. Her eyelashes resembles Falulu's and Jewlie's, and she wears white sleepers and has the Rosette Pact attached to her chest. She also wears blue headphones with a star shape on them and a gold band.



She's a baby but she can show that she loves Laala a lot, but also obedient with others. Since, she's Jewlie, it is believed if you take good care of her she'll give you a Super Cyalume Coord.


She's very attached to Shion, and cries when Shion denies the fact that she's her "mother". Other than that, she can be a bit of a troublemaker when the one taking care of her isn't Shion, causing whoever takes care of her to go through a huge ordeal. Strangely, anyone she bonds with receives their SCR in their next live.


Shion Todo - In the RP, Jewlulu got attached to her when she saw her, and started calling her "mama". As she continues bonding with her, she starts calling her "Shi-shi".

Mizuki Hoshizora - Mizuki is slightly jealous of the attention Shion gives Jewlulu, but she enjoys Jewlulu's company.

Hikari Todo - Hikari is usually the one who cheers her up when she is crying or feeling down. Jewlulu also enjoys playing with Hikari.


  • She was the first S3 character announced along with Junon.
  • She is the first main character to be a baby.
  • She shares her voice actress with Ajimi Kiki and Jewlie.
  • She is revealed to be Jewlie in Episode 94 of the canon series.
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