Janice is being used by Sora please take note!!! Template:Idol Info Janice (ジャニス) is the main antagonist for Season 3. She is the little sister of Jewlie and revealed herself after influencing Chiri's change in behavior. After the events of the Kami Idol Grand Prix, Janice now takes her sister's job as the goddess of PriPara.


Unlike Jewlie, she is a lot more serious as a goddess and tries to keep to the rules.


Janice resembles her sister in every way. She has pale skin with sharp, but sleepy eyes like her sister, Jewlulu. Her feathery eyelashes appear to be thinner and a lavender color. On her forehead is a gold heart surrounded with several tiny gems. Her white hair is extremely long and worn in several sections. Most of her hair is pulled into a large bun with a curly ponytail flowing through it and a braid tied around the bottom to hold it together. Tucked behind her head are large loops of hair, while her forelocks are thick and reach her chest, held with jewel ornaments. Her attire is dark in coloring, being shades of indigo and gold with accents of pink, violet, and shades of blue.


  • Jewlie - Her older sister who she seems to have a harsh relationship with. While Jewlie likes her, she doesn't return the sentiment. After finding out the truth, the two of them made up.
  • Non Manaka - Was shown being able to relate to her due to their matching complex with their older sisters.
  • Chiri Tsukikawa- Like her older sister, Janice lived in a Rosette Pact which belonged to Chiri. Chiri really cares about her and listens to her every command. However, after telling Janice she won't help with her plan to steal the Cyalume Tact, Janice left her.

Significant Coords

Janice with the coord Dark Night Eden Coord
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