Izumi Hanasaki

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Kanji 花咲 いずみ
Romaji Hanasaki Izumi
Personal Info
BirthdayJanuary 20th
Blood TypeAB type
Height1'59 cm
Hair Color     Magenta
Eye Color     Red
FamilyMr. Hanasaki (Father)

Hanasaki Orihime (Mother)

Home PlaceTokyo, Japan


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Light Delight
Favorite Brand(s)Sweet Clover
Image Color     Magenta
Idol TypePop
Voice ActressMaki Kawase
SingerMaki Kawase
When someone is sad,I,Will make you recover your smile!
Izumi Hanasaki(花咲 いずみ)is an idol from Pripara Idol Academy,her favorite brand is Sweet Clover,Her representative color is      Magenta,she waka and Manami formed Angely diva♣


Normally, Izumi has long dark magenta burgundy hair, also, she pulled into a high ponytail with straight-cut bangs.She has red eyes.

In PriPara, Izumi's hair changes to a bright magenta color, while the lower half becomes wavier and short, and falls to just brush her shoulders. 


She has a lively and bright personality, she really humoristic, she is in the class of pistachios, her way of thinking is "When someone is sad, I, Will make you recover your smile! ! "People in the class like to become friends with her.


Izumi was born in Tokyo, Japan, her home is a candy shop, so she eats candy very often, her parents also give her lots of it before going to school , but she sells it after school, she likes to eat it but cannot so that she doesn't get fat, She has a mysterious power of God idol, so she did not do a kami challenge and automatically got her SCR.


Waka Tsukahara - Two from small to large is a super good friend,But also waka sad and lost comfort her,become her important source of confidence, is her spiritual mentor,said she was a very good friend.

Tenshoin Manami - She called Izumi "shining in the warm sun",feeling is her mentor, they are very good.

Maeda Akari - Inexplicable often her Tucao,but the two very often mouth cannon,but the two are very good.

Kisaragi Masumi - Because they like the songs are the .same,have the same character,the two are very good

Minami Mio - From childhood to big childhood sweetheart.

Hanasaki Orihime - Her mother,She is very filial to her mother.


  • She is very anthomaniac.
  • She likes to play 18+ games,often steal finished in the room.
  • She likes 18+ comic very much,often secretly reading,among them,the most like full of pornographic type,among them,the most like the type of full of pornography,because the content is too extreme,so there will always be reading the hearts of inexplicable sense of guilt.
  • She shares the same voice actress with Beli.
  • She shares the same last name with Marissa Hanasaki.
  • She likes to eat fruit cupcakes.
  • She also plays electric guitar

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