Izayoi Shizuku
Kanji 十六夜 シズク
Romaji Izayoi Shizuku
Personal Info
BirthdayNovember 12th
Blood TypeAB type
Height1'60 cm
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Shi~yuwa supa dai sakusen☆
Voice ActressHondo Kaede
SingerHondo Kaede
Izayoi Shizuku(十六夜 シズク)is an idol from Pripara Idol Academy,Her favorite brand is Magic Toy Animal ,Her representative color is Water blue     ,and Akari、Sanae composed of Vanilla Callings♪


Because yearning SoLaMi♡SMILE,want to come to pripara when idol,Lovely and lively,close to nature,like and cute little animals,but also by the small animals around the favorite


Shizuku was born in Tokyo Japan. She lives in a single-parent family because her dad is always busy with work. She is the eldest daughter in their family, personally raising to help her two younger sisters. She is independent-will do the cooking, etc. Her cooking is good.


Tsukahara Sanae - One of them likes Shizuku's cuisine,They are very good

Maeda Akari - But also like his food people,Often taught her a lot of knowledge,Like her teacher,They are very good


  • She likes to do the dishes but eat food
  • Once because of his father to do the dessert is too delicious and serious fat,and later by the movement to restore the original body, and severe fat during the photo all her seal up
  • No one at home,like to put on the lovely and lovely clothes, dress show alone,this thing she did not know sister has been found once,but her sister did not seem to see as
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