Isabelle Parker

Idol Form | Outside Appearance Isabelleidol

Kanji イザベルパカ
Romaji Izaberu Pākā
Personal Info
BirthdayApril 21
Blood TypeAB
Height160 cm
Hair ColorBlonde

Blonde with Green Streak (PriPara)

Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceAmerica


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Happy Pa Lucky

Moonlight Destiny

Favorite Brand(s)Clockwise Crown
Image Color
Voice ActressMinami Tanaka
SingerSunao from STAR ANIS
Isabelle Parker is a girl originally from America. Her main brand is Clockwise Crown and she is a Celeb-type idol. She is one of CureStarnight's characters. Her Prism Live instrument is a saxophone.


Outside of PriPara, Isabelle has blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair is tied up into two buns at the top of her head. She is usually wearing skirts and fancy shirts.

In PriPara, her hair gets longer, it gets tied into a side ponytail, and has a green streak in it. She is still wearing skirts and fancy things.


Isabelle has a bit of a petty and uptight attitude (similar to the sterotypical personality of a spoiled child), but she is still really friendly.

She is also really quiet, as she never really talks. She does want to make friends but doesn't know how.

She can also get really excited outta nowhere, especially if A) She makes a new friend or B) She gets really worked up.

Whenever, she talks in English, the word will be in all caps (ex - HELLO! My name is Isabelle.).


  • Chris Daisuke- Her friend from overseas. They have a close relationship.

Significant Coords

  • Clockwise Flower Coord - Her main performance coord and her casual coord in PriPara.
  • Clockwise Crown Cyalume Coord - Her main Cyalume Coord




Isabelle (イザベル)- Is the Medival Occitan form of Elizabeth.

Parker (パカ)- means "Keeper of the park"


  • She shres her voice actress with Kanon, Pinon, Junon, and Non Manaka.
  • She shares her singer with Ran Shibuki and Sora Kazesawa from Aikatsu (before Yuna and Eri took over for them respectively).
  • She shares her birthday with Queen Elizabeth II, the current queen of England (no joke, look it up).
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