Template:Idol InfoIru is a character who is roleplayed by CureItsuki. He is a Pop Type Idol who uses Candy Alamode and Eternal Spade. He is also the holder of the Jade Loyal Crest.


Iru is a sweet, gentle and kind boy. As Hinata says, he is the dumbest out of everyone in RISING. He is also very clumsy, often tripping over rocks and such. Other than that, he is often mistaken as a girl, but he tells them shyly that he is a male. He can be shy around many people and often gets overwhelmed.


Iru wears his green hair in a side pony tail that is braided. He wears a candy shaped bow to hold it. His eyes are aqua. He wears a green dress with a yellow butterfly. His skirt is ruffly with crystals and many other decorations. Iru's shoes are white with butterflies similar to the one on his dress. He wears long, green socks with swirly purple patterns on it.

Now he has a new appearance. His hair is longer, and down, and is darker. His eyes are a darker shade of turquoise.


  • He is CureItsuki's first male character.
  • He has a crush on Hanayo Nishimoto.
  • He sometimes is seen wearing Rosette Jewel.
  • He is a Triangle fan.


Hanayo Nishimoto: Iru appears to have a crush on her, but their relationship status is unknown. They are in the unit RISING together.

Kanon: Iru is a huge Kanon and Triangle fan.

Junon: Iru is a huge fan of Triangle and Junon.

Pinon: Iru is a huge fan of Pinon and Triangle.

Kanade Toshiko: Iru and Kanade were friends ever since Kanade arrived at Earth. They are in the unit RISING together.

Sophie Hojo: Iru idolizes Sophie as his favorite idol in PriPara.

Hinata: Iru and Hinata often get into arguements, but sometimes they act friendly with each other. They are in the unit RISING together.

Frilulu Bokerdole: Iru and Frilulu are good friends. They are in the unit RISING together.

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