Ikari "Aika" Minami

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Romaji Ikari "Aika" Minami
Personal Info
AgeFew Billiards
Hair ColorBrown with black
Eye ColorNormal - Brown
While using powers - Red
Home PlaceKegeland(NegaSeka)
Currently lives in Osaka(Japan)
Meganii's assistant
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)STARTING NOW(Nana Mizuki)
Favorite Brand(s)Miracle Future
Image Color
Voice ActressHayashibara Megumi

Aika Minami(real name Ikari Nitta) is one of NegaSeka idols who came to explore Earth. The only reason of Aika's visit was her interest in the PriPara system. She got into it and currently is working in Pripara as engineer. She's one of WakaFromStarAnis's characters. Her debut song is STARTING NOW(by Nana Mizuki)


Aika has long brown hair with some black parts and brown eyes(they also can change to red when she uses her powers).


Aika is pretty calm but becomes crazy when it comes to technics. She's like Techno Freak. She also loves youkais, because they remind her of her home. She even has her own youkai named Kiri.


  • Casual - Aika Future Company Coord
  • Cyualume - Shiny Energy Coord


  • Mirai Tojo - She's Aika's master. They get along pretty well.
  • Waka Hoshino - Waka saved her a long time ago on her planet and Aika is grateful to her. After that Aika joined Asterisk Household right away
  • Meganii - Her senpai. Meganii teaches Aika systems and other stuff.
  • Yami - One of Aika's best friends. They live in one room and watch moon from the roof everyday.
  • Alyssa - Her unitmate in AlphaΔDelta.
  • Miho Hoshino - Her unitmate in AlphaΔDelta.
  • Daisuke - Her unitmate in AlphaΔDelta.
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