You're here because you want to join and want to make a character? There are some rules for characters too- but if you break them you won't get a warning. Just try to follow them.

About your character

It doesn't have to be you. You can make as many as you want, but no 18+ stuff. PriPara is an anime for children and many users can be young.

In PriPara most of the idols are humans, but there are some beings born from a PriTicket: they are called Vocal Dolls and own all the qualities necessary to become Divine Idols, such as the Prism Voice. They can use more Making Dramas in a single show, but they can't exchange Friend Tickets, they possess a robotic voice and can't leave PriPara. If a Vocal Doll snaps a Friend Ticket she faints and can be considered "deactivated". However Vocal Dolls can be "awakened" with the power of the Prism Voice and the Paradise Coord. The Vocal Dolls lose all the qualities listed here and change their appearance when they're awakened. They don't sound robotic anymore and can exchange Friend Tickets. You can make a Vocal Doll too!

However, you aren't limited to humans and Vocal Dolls only. Vampires, ghosts, witches, fairies... Anything is allowed as long as your character still follows the roles listed below and isn't too OP (over-powered).

The rules for making a character

  1. If your character is a human, she/he cannot be perfect.
  2. If your character is a Vocal Doll and isn't in the awakened form, you can't make her leave PriPara.
  3. If your character is in Elementary School, you can make her/him taller.
  4. All the characters here must go to the PriPara Idol Academy.
  5. Your character can graduate, but if you make her/him graduate, you can't use her anymore in this wiki. However graduating is optional and characters can be life-long students.
  6. You can use an original character like Laala Manaka or Shion Todo, but it would be best to make YOUR character. There can be only one Laala and only one Shion, if someone already uses them, select another character or make one. However, you cannot use more than 2 original characters from Pretty Rhythm/PriPara
  7. When you make a Vocal Doll, she can't be already in the awakened form.
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