Template:Idol Info Hotaru Hiro (ほたる ヒロ) is a Celeb Type Idol who wears clothing from the brand Rosette Jewel♥Heart.He is the older brother of Yami Hiro.

He's the 6th character of Mitsuki Kisaragi-San.


Hotaru is a fair skinned young man with navy-blue eyes. Hotaru has short, dark purple hair and the bangs are pointy and put to the side.


Hotaru seems to be somewhat nice to people he knows depending on who you are.He is really smart,and tends to get upset if soemthing unexpected happened.


  • Yami Hiro -Yami is his younger sister,which unlike her brother,succeeds in when plotting to get jewels.Whenever they're seen together, she has the "Light To Dark" Spellbook.She pretends that they are not related to each other.
  • Mitsuki Kisaragi - Hotaru meet Mitsuki while going back to Pripara.Mitsuki doesn't really know that Hotaru is out to get her friends.They had a Dream about the future,Hotaru was in shock that she was the groom of Mitsuki...They slowly started to appreciate each other,to a point where Mitsuki hugged him.They kissed each other once,thanks to Nijiru's Red flashlight.He also kissed her for her birthday.
  • Prism Kokoro - Kokoro is Hotaru and Yami's servent,in which she calls them masters.Hotaru and Yami soon realize she is no servent,and become friends.She later got friendzoned by Hotaru after she confessed her feelings towards him.
  • Moffun - Moffun threatens Hotaru to leave them alone, but Hotaru doesn't seem threatened by this.Hotaru and Yami are apparently out to get him...
  • Hanako Inoue-He fears her,and is scared for life thanks to her....Hanako sadly thinks Hotaru is a girl(Successfully able to make him cosplay as a girl),but ParaHana said she wants to be friends with him(Which Hotaru doubts)
  • Everyone Else -Its either a hit or a miss xD


  • He has a fondness for Cats
  • Hotaru and Zora seem to have a bad relationship with each other(Still do)
  • Later On,it is reavealed that the only reason Zora doesn't like him is becuase he is against Prism Sonia waking up.
  • He shares his seiyuu with Nagito Komeada from Daganronpa
  • Hotaru was held hostage by Zora
  • Hanako made him cosplay as a Hibiki in pink.
    • Hanako also believed Hotaru was a girl for some time.
  • Hotaru has a list of places where Hanako and Nijiru could be at to avoid them.
  • Despite being a male,and not a trap,Hotaru's name is usually used by girls
    • The name was given to him since he was a trap in his past life
  • His birthday is on April Fool's Day(Got something planned for him on that day xD It starts with the letter T xD)
  • If Hotaru wasn't immortal,he would have died a long time ago Death Counter:527

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