Hoshizuki Izuna

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Kanji イズナ星月
Romaji Izuna Hoshizuki
Personal Info
BirthdayMarch 23
Blood TypeB-
Hair Color(too lazy to type)
Eye Color(too lazy to type)
Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no?
Favorite Brand(s)Jewelry Crown
Image Color
Voice ActressMimori Suzuko
SingerMimori Suzuko
Hoshizuki Izuna is a mysterious goddess. She is a Premium-type idol who use the brand,Jewelry Crown.


In her normal idol form, she has pale mint hair and blue eyes. She can be seen with a jeweled crown too. In her goddess form, she has caramel brown hair and amber eyes. Bare me with the NGNL visuals,I fell in love with it.


Hoshizuki had a easy going personality. She seen to be soft but she is tough. She can easily overcome something sad quickly. She is caring and friendly.

When she is in her goddess form,she has a sharper tongue.


  • Causal: Princess Goddess Coord
  • Cyalume: Jewelry Crown Cyalume Coord
  • Goddess form causal: Diamond Empress Coord
  • Goddess form cyalume: Sapphire Crystal Cyalume Coord



  • Hoshimi Izuna: Sisters. Hoshizuki is the elder sister and they have good relationships. They seldom argues.
  • Mituki Nijino: They are good friends.


  • She seldom seen with her goddess form.
  • Hoshizuki is considered as a complete human and she hides the secret that she is a goddess.
  • She can do Angel Airy.
  • In her goddess form,she is called as Yukari. But after the girls found out Yukari and Hoshizuki are the same person,Mituki likes to call her Hoshizuki instead of Yukari.
  • She is good at chess and archery.
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