Template:Idol InfoHoshizora Starry Sky is a Pop-type idol which lives in the Iris World. Hoshizora is an energetic girl, who acts as an onee-chan when someone needs advice. When performing Iris Show, she uses fairy powers and gets wings on stage (not Cyalume Fairy, that's inside PriPara!). She is in an unit (Starshine, which has the same name as their brand) with her cousin and Mimi.


Hoshizora has a fair complexion with vibrant brown eyes representing her energetic personality. She has short, soft blonde hair in a bob cut that often appears messy with a thick cowlick.


Hoshizora is energetic, funny, clumsy, an ice-cream fan and a bit the older-sister of the group.

Significant Coords

Casual coord: Starshine♥ Yellow Cyalume Coord (brand Starshine♥, Pop type).

Cyalume coord: Starshine Team Cyalume Coord H (Starshine♥ brand, Lovely type).


Sakura Starshine: They're cousins and best friends. They tell each other their secrets and often explore cities with Mimi. Hoshizora dragged Sakura in her live Iris Show debut because her teammate was sick, and they performed together. Later Hoshizora dragged Sakura to PriPara too.

Mimi Starshine: Mimi and Hoshizora get along easily, but sometimes they fight and make a mess for who sings that line and other.

Shion Todo: Sakura and Hoshizora are great Shion fans.

Urara: Urara is Sakura's manager in PriPara. They often fight about what coords to use.

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