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"Being Devine isn't all... it's about being yourself..."
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Hime Bokerdole Hime Bokerdoru is a new student at PriPara Idol academy.

She's One of Garuru Bokerdole 2.0 Main Characters.


She has a lilac hair with Grey eyes pink cheeks and white skin.


Her Priticket was found by Nyabi on a stage. But when he scanned her she coudn't repeat or walk and she couldn't sing as well. After seeing Saints Live she can sing and repeat.


Nyabi is Her Manager But Nyabi keeps her away from Mia and Nia. Mia And Nia Never see her.


  • She Knows about prism voice and possessed it.
  • Nyabi is her manager long before mia and nia.
  • she can be in chibi form.
  • she can get into rosette pact.
  • Her cyalume coord is a Colaboration of marionette mu and Baby Twinkle Stars.
  • Although her real tipe is premium she's categorized as lovely Because she's an Marionette Mu User.
  • She's The Youngest Of her Upcoming Team.
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