Template:Idol InfoHermione Kobayashi is a student of PriPara Idol Academy (7th grader, Class E). She is an ethnic-type idol whose preferred brand is Oriental Fantasy. She is WinXenia's character. She and Eriko Tsukikage are members of Hermiko Parfait!. Her representative colors are brown and orange.


Hermione has wavy long brown hair and brown eyes.

Inside of PriPara, her hair color changes to blue and is tied to two ponytails. Her eye color changes to pink.


Hermione is opposite to Eriko. She is a happy, upbeat girl who sometimes thinks highly of herself. She loves shipping and shojo-ai manga.




  • Eriko Tsukikage - they are best friends. Hermione also ships herself with Eriko. Now they are also fellow unit members.


  • She has Mion in her name. (hermione)
  • Hanaru calls her Hermi-onee-chan. (a pun on her name and the word "onee-chan"(big sister)
  • She is nicknamed Mione. When Eriko calls her this way Hermione becomes very happy as she thinks it's the proof of EriOne existence but Eriko claims she calls her this way just because it is shorter.


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