Moonrising flower 2

The Heartful Angel Coord is a Lovely-type PriPara Rare coord made for the unit Moonrising Flowers by the brand Starshine♥.


Coord pieces

  • Heartful Angel Onepiece
  • Heartful Angel Boots
  • Heartful Angel Crown & Hearts

Who can use this coord?

This coord was made for Moonrising Flowers' leader Shiratama Mikan, which means that you need permission from Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa if you want your character to use it. If you use without permission, Haruka will slap you a Warning Ticket.



A pale pink dress with three large hearts on the bottom of the skirt and above each wrist, along with dots covering the arm and chest. Frills of pink line the sleeve and bottom, along with the band wrapped around the middle of the skirt, which is also covered in hearts and dots. A bolero is worn over the dress with the same details, held by a pale pink ribbon with a heart in the middle.


Pale pink boots with a pink heart and dot motif print on them. A small wing resides on the back.


A pale pink crown with a heart in the middle, along with several pink heart clips.

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