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Template:Idol Info Harukami, also known as MiraHaru, is an alternative parallel future self of Haruka, who was believed to be the real future self.

MiraHaru originally thought Haruka was a male like her, however after discovering this isn't true, she found out she isn't this Haruka's actual future, but another Haruka's.


She has a fair complexion and grey eyes, symbolising her loss of purpose and "radiance". Her original hair coloring was a gradient of fuchsia, blue, and purple.

Now, her long hair is worn in two pigtails separated in three curled strands, each a single color. Her bangs and the hair surrounding her head is mostly fuchsia.


Haruka is very hyper and a bit childish. She has often stupid ideas and doesn't change a lot from her old self. She gets shocked easily, but can be very determined when it comes to live shows.


  • She is the first character to actually met her Present counterpart. She is followed by Mirazuki, Mizuki's future counterpart.
  • She is the first character with radiant hair.
  • She is more hyper than before.
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