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Template:Idol InfoHaruka Kurogane, also known as ParaHaru, is a parallel version of Haruka Shirogane who comes from a world where CelePara kept existing, thus not making him able to debut. He hates Haruka and Hibiki, making Hilulu also hate him.


Paraharu has a fair complexion with long blue hair. His brown eyes are light in color and he often wears a green dress.


Haruka, in short, hates everything.

He hates being into this world where he is surrounded by "idiots" and, to use his words, can't try to kill Hibiki without psycho Hilulu and tsunHaru crushing him.

However, he is a genius, and is planning to build a teleporting machine to come back to his world and bring the old PriPara back.


  • He's planning to come back to his world, join CelePara Opera Company instead of Reona and thus betray the team, ring the bell, and bring PriPara back.
  • He is the only male Haruka besides Harukami.
  • He is considered a member of the Haruka Army, even though he said he won't be one.
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