Template:Idol InfoHaruka Ibara, also known as Radiance, is a Parallel Haruka who comes from a timeline where Vocal Dolls are Prism World Messengers. She comes to the roleplay universe to save the Prism Shows, unlike the other Harukas who got lost in the timelines.


Haruka resembles Radiant Awakened Haruka Shirogane, with short, Rinne-styled green hair and a radiant yellow dress. Her eyes are of the color of dark chocolate. It is unknown whether this is her real appearance or not.


Haruka comes off as a serious and mysterious, somewhat creepy Prism Star who is portrayed as a villain by most Vocal Dolls. She's bitter, a bit cold and harsh, but in truth has come to this world to save the parallel version of her beloved. The name of this person is unknown. However, soon after her arrival to this world, she discovers this world's parallel person isn't interested in Prism Shows and won't risk their life.

If a person manages to get on her good side though, she shows a more happy, nostalgic and hopeful character, which slightly resembles the personality of the original Haruka.


TBA as the two series reveal more


  • She is the first Vocal Doll to be a main character in Prism Festival instead of Min'na Tomodachi.
  • Althrough she's a Rinne, her gender was never confirmed. Since ParaHaru is a male, some Harukas started doubting her for no reason.
  • She has the deepest voice out of all the Harukas, and yet her tone isn't lower than Sophy's.
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