Template:Idol Info  Haruka Bokerdole, also known as VocalHaru, is a parallel Haruka who comes from a timeline of two years ago. In her world, she would soon have joined the Academy but being thrown in this world, she already joined.

She behaves like early-Falulu.


Haruka is a fair skinned tall girl. She has brown eyes and short green hair.


Haruka is a funny and outgoing individual, who only wants to live a funny and happy life with everyone. She always tries to make everyone laugh. Unlike the early-Haruka who had just joined the academy in the past, VocalHaru is a lot more clueless, but retains her tsundere-ish attitude when questioned about love.


  • She heard Hilulu call Hibiki "Niichan", and started copying her by calling ParaHaru "Oniisan". This makes him angry.
  • She knows she can't snap her ticket.
  • She's the youngest in the Haruka Army.
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