Template:Idol InfoHaruka Bokerdole, ironically nicknamed as "MathsHaru" by ParaHaru, is a vocal doll from another universe, thus making her one of the few non-parallel Harukas whose worlds are completely different.

She is known as a prodigy and for her very calm attitude, which earned her the title of "Army's Grandma".

Surprisingly to the whole Haruka Army, she's a Celeb idol.


Haruka has a fair complexion with large, dark blue eyes and feminine lashes, worn with a pair of lavender glasses. She has long green hair with pale indigo streaks pulled into a large bun with a single curled strand hanging loose. Her bangs and forelocks are also curled.

She normally wears clothing to match her glasses, to the point that if her hair is worn loose and she takes them off, people don't recognize her.


Laid back, slow, a bit of an air-head and relaxed, Haruka is very diligent and is great at maths. She never really gets angry for something, but you can get her upset by not studying, even though she acts like a teacher sometimes. She has no interest in idoling, however, she likes watching her friends' shows.

She could fall asleep everywhere.


  • She's the oldest Haruka by a year.
  • She doesn't plan on graduating after her third year, and will instead keep going to idol class.
  • She gets along a lot with MiraHaru, ever since MiraHaru "lost her purpose of being Haruka's senpai" and got depressed.
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