Template:Idol Info Hana Amai (Sweet Flower or Sweet Blossom) is a Lovely-type idol who likes to wear the brand Dreaming Ribbon. She is an idol and student and she loves the colour pink! One day she would like to be a divine idol.


Amai has soft, peachy skin and Pinkish and Tealish eyes and she has two pink pig tails with her pink and yellow signature look that is topped up with her signature bow.


Amai always tries to be happy and she often says "Sweet!" as her catchphrase. She is sometimes very shy but this is rarely and she is always very kind to others and can be a bit clumsy at times.


Motomo Mizuki - Her best friend who loves the moon and space she said she would one day like to be an astrologist.

Hachi Hiroshi - Her second best friend who she doesn't know secretly likes her but Mizuki knows he likes her.

Kitami Kosuke - Her crush she keeps fantasizing about and she has a notebook of him.


  • She owns a bakery that is called Sweet Cakes and it's her home as well.
  • She is a fan of SoLaMi Smile and often has disputes with Mizuki about which group is better.
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