Hades Aidoneus

Casual | True form Ci0320

Kanji (ハデス・アイドネウス
Romaji Hadesu Aidoneusu
Personal Info
17{Physical Appearance)
BirthdayJanuary 13
Blood TypeA
Hair Colornavy-green
Eye Colorred
FamilyApollon Agana Belea (Nephew)

Dionysus Thrysos (Nephew)

Home PlaceOlympus
OccupationGreek God of the Underworld
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Gentleman Alliance -who need you?(duet with Apollon)
Undying Prayer
Favorite Brand(s)TBA
Image Color
Voice ActressDaisuke Ono
Hades Aidoneus (ハデス・アイドネウス Hadesu Aidoneusu) is a Crossover character used by StarMiya, originally from the anime Kamigami no Asobi. He is the Greek of the Underworld.


Hades is a tall man with dark green, shoulder length hair in waves. He appears to have pointed ears and a pale complexion.

In his god form he wears a black robe with blue borders, with a crown of thorns on his head and his hair grows longer. His curse mark is clearly visible in this form. The ends of his robes seem like flames, but are actually luminescent cloth. His robe and overall appearance is said to represent the deep sea.


He is a quiet person and keeps his distance from other people because he thinks that he is unlucky and cursed. He believes that coming close to him will bring misery to people, so he keeps everyone away from him. He has an aura which makes it difficult for people to approach him. Despite his cold exterior, he has a gentle and caring personality and is often flustered when he expresses his opinion.



Hades cares very deeply for his nephew and tries to help him where it is necessary. Despite only being his uncle he seems to have closer relationship that Apollon does with his own father Zeus. He finds Apollon very energetic.


Hades is shown to have a good relationship with Dionysus, with Hades looking after him when he has a hangover. He was the first to realise his nephews growing feelings for Sakura.


These two are on friendly terms with each other, as they are both considered outcast by their own people. While he never viced it outright Hades made it clear that, he didn't agree the treatment Takeru and other Japanese gods gave Sakura.


Hades is like a father/uncle figure to her. He was the first god to realise who an what she was, but never approached her on the matter as he knew that there was a high chance that she like him was an outcast an that she would open up if she felt ready.


  • His puns are rather cold and lame to the other gods.
  • His least favorite food is eggs.
    • His favourite Food is Strawberry Daifuku.
  • His Hobby is gardening.
  • His last name comes from the poetic variant of his name.
  • He is very well versed in constellations, though most of the stories he tells behind them are tragedies.
  • He likes daifuku (大福) because the name means good luck.
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