Template:Idol Info Fu or "Fu-chan" Kurikara (real name Kurikara Future) is an extremely random idol who came to PriPara with Waka Hoshino to look after the "Weird Girlss" (aka Inori~ and Asterisk members). Her theme song is KINGS (originally by angela). She's a member and the manager of Asterisk. She's one of WakaFromStarAnis's characters (and probably is the most random out of her characters).


Fu is really weird person. She's really energic and funny, but when she becomes random, no one can stop her madness. She also says that she's Nijiru-sensei's little sister, witch may explain her extremly randomness and stupidness (but these two can't be sister because they are from diffrent worlds *trollface*).

Fu's Logic("Remarkble Quotes by Fu-chan")

  • "Nijiru-sensei and I are sisters because we're way too random for this world."
  • "If we can't be sisters, we're parallel sisters."
  • "You guys should we unit because of Quarter Grand Prix."
  • "I'm way too random to love you, sorry."
  • "If i could sell my randomness, I already would be Randomillionaire."(Randomillionaire = Millionaire of Randomness)
  • "To be in unit with me you need to be as random and perfect as me, witch will never happen~"


  • Casual Coord/s:
    • Lady Fu-chan Elegant Party Cyualume Coord
  • Cyalume Coord/s:
    • Lady Fu-chan Elegant Party Cyualume Coord


  • Mirai Tojo - Mirai and Fu-chan are actually same person but from diffrent variations of events happening in NegaSeka. Because of this the have completely oppisite personalities. Yet they get along pretty well.
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