Template:Idol InfoEmerald is the Goddess who sent Mizuki,her Goddess helper to human world.She is being a prisoner at the Starlight Temple.She help Mizuki to create the Element Jewels.

Emerald is the second character of MizukiMoonrise.


Emerald has long pale green hair and light pinkish purple eyes.

In her human form,she has red eyes and hair. Her hair is pulled into a high side ponytail with two curls,similar to Falulu's hairstyle.


She is kind and helpful.She always give Mizuki some useful news and help her to choose the five one to hold the Element Jewels.Emerald always smiles which let people think she is friendly.


At first,she is working on the precious Element Jewels.While she was working on them,some people knew they are precious.One night,while Emerald was sleeping deeply,someone stole them away and started to destroy her home palace.Later,Emerald met Mizuki and she quickly became her helper to get back the jewels.Mizuki finally get them back but Emerald was jailed inside the temple.Mizuki quickly ran away and goes to the human world to find the five Element Jewels's holder to rescue Emerald and rebuild the Jewel Palace,where is Emerald lived.


  • She is the one who create the Element Jewels.
  • She is the Goddess Of Hope.
  • She shares her voice actress and singer with Jewlie and Ajimi Kiki and Jewlulu.
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