Template:Idol InfoElementa is a young woman who is a dancer. She was born as a fling baby and was raised by her father, so she doesn't really know who her mother is. Growing up, she has always looked older than she really is, which caused her to befriend Ofuro, who has the opposite effect.


Elementa inherited her looks from her father. She has purple hair and purple eyes along with a bright smile. She wears a blue, orange, and gray dancer outfit.


Elementa is a hyperactive dancer. She tries to speak, but she often slurs and lisps which makes it hard to understand her. However, she isn't afraid to do her best and keep trying. She loves her father dearly, and he was her inspiration to become a dancer.

She considers herself as the "tall friend" to Ofuro. She often helps her out when she can't reach something and supports her.


  • In the Modern AU, Elementa really likes video games.
  • She's really good at singing, as she sung a lot as a child.
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