Template:Idol Info Dorothy West is one of PriPara's main characters. She is a Pop Type idol who uses the brand Fortune Party and is a member of Dressing Pafé. She is used by Hime Shiratenshi, and if you use her without permission you'll get a warning ticket.


Dorothy has got short sky blue hair with a braid tied on her right, blue eyes and white skin.


Dorothy has a masculine personality, referencing herself with "boku" while her twin brother has a feminine one, referencing himself with "watashi". She often gets into fights with Shion, but is shown to actually be very nice. Her catchphrase is "Tension Max!"


Laala Manaka - Being on seperate teams, those two are rivals, but get along well. They are part of PriPara Police along with Mikan.

Mirei Minami - Dorothy and Mirei had problems at first but now they get along. They were part of the Dream Team FriendAll together.

Sophie Hojo - Even though they're rivals, they act friendly with each other.

Shion Todo: They always fight because of their opposite personalities. However, they still trust each other. They are part of the unit Dressing Pafé together.

Leona West: Dorothy and Leona have a close bond, to the point that Leona does everything that his sister does. They are part of the unit Dressing Pafé together.

Falulu Bokerdole: Dorothy helped fixing "Falulu's Non". At first Dorothy was a little jealous with her, because she won two pieces of the Paradise Coord. She revived her in the Falulu Comeback Live.

Mikan Shiratama - Even though they're rivals, they act friendly with each other. They are part of the PriPara Police together with Laala.

Kazumi Hikawa - They are childhood friends and rivals. Dorothy really admires Kazumi for her personality (although she'll never say it out loud).

Hime Shiratenshi - They are best friends. Dorothy is a fan of Hime's mangas and sometimes she helps her to draw them by being the model. There a hint of shipping between these two.

Fuwari Midorikaze - They are friends and rivals. At first, Dorothy was a little jealous of Fuwari, because she was chosen to be the "Ultimate Princess", but they quickly become friends and were teammates in Dressing Flower.

Hibiki Shikyoin: She always fights with her, in fact Dorothy always calls her Mahou-chan like Falulu, but in a funny manner, that always makes Hibiki angry. At the end of the second season their relationship is still unknown, but they don't hate each other.


  • She uses "Boku" a term used by boys.
  • Of the West twins, she's the masculine one of them although her twin is a boy.
  • In the RP only she's shipped by everyone with Hime Shiratenshi.

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