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About Character:

Dolce is one of user:miuki kinomoto's "SPECIALS" character. She is also known as "Dolly" as a nickname from cherry/chiharu


Her first appearance was on Halloween day.

Dolce has pale pink wavey hair with slight highlights of purple. She has purple eyes with a sign in both.


Characters her story revolve around:

  • Kiyoshi Hirano

(more tba when i rp plot e.e)


Currently Rping with users: (order according to progress)

  1. User: Xesc13primero
  2. User: GinagiSayonara
  3. User: ВинКсения


  1. Her real name is Marionetta but Miuki gave her the name "Dolce" when she found her in doll form.
  2. The signs in her eyes keep changing according to her emotions. (e.g she is confused, the sign would change into a "?"). The rest of her face remains emotionless though. The only thing that shows how she feels is her eyes.
  3. She is a ghost of a puppet that's supposed to be a jester. Even being just it's ghost, she looks like a puppet. Her hands remain tied to strings though those strings, after some length, disappear in thin air and no one knows where they start from.
  4. Dolce sometimes has a shrieking voice. Though being a ghost, she can mimic them.
  5. She remains silent most of the time and only shows up after midnight till sunrise.


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