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Cokuratte Amai (甘い 小倉って Amai Cokuratte?) is a student in PriPara Idol Academy and she is a 7th grader at Paprika Private Academy. She is a lovely type idol and she use the brand Sweetest Girl. She debuts in Episode 258.

She is Sprinkle's main character.


Cokuratte has pink hair tied into a ponytail and purple eyes.


Cokuratte is an active girl. She is one of the smartest girls in her school but she doesn't look like one. She doesn't really care about her relationship with anyone, thinking that no one is her best friend but in fact, most of the students in her class wants to be friends with her.



  • Cokuratte - Cokuratte means Chocolate.
  • Amai - Amai means sweet.

Significant Coords

  • Tasty Ice Cream Coord - Her Casual Coord.
  • Sweetest Girl Cyalume Coord - Her Cyalume Coord.


  • Her dere type is Deredere.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
    • She hates orange.
  • She was born on a date that is only appear 1 time in 4 years.
  • She shares the same birthday as Old Hubba.

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