Ciel Schwarz

Ciel Schwarz is a new idol at pripara idol academy his Preferable Brand Is Marionette Crown


although he looks happy He is actually dead inside, he is traumatized with the outside world he Spend Most of his time in his room alone,because people said he was half human Half doll (Vocaldoll) He never accept a priticket trade because he think everyone is traitor.


Ciel was no ordinary 17 year old boy when he was 4 years old he is bit by a creature that looks like demon on his neck that's when his is ears turn sharp like demon until 13 years later ciel was hit by a car and put him into a coma. on his dream he met jewlie who offers a brand new life for him as a half-Vocaldoll ciel kindly accept jewlie offers when he woke up from his 3 month's coma his voice became robotic And lose his memories the only think he could remember is Jewlie the kami idol.


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