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ChuChu NewVis
Kanji Chuchu
Romaji Chuchu
Personal Info
AgeOver 2000
Home PlaceFrance (Formerly)
Tokyo, Japan
Idol Info
Voice ActressUchida Yūma (Jpn)
Todd Haberkorn (Eng)

Chuchu (チュチュ) is a manager working under Symphonata Productions. He is a bear who was influenced by old French culture. He is voiced by Uchida Yūma (内田雄馬) in Japanese and Todd Haberkorn in English. He is one of the managers of Prism Force.


Meet the shy and quiet bear manager who manages Akane and Yayoi of Prism Force...Chuchu!

Character Description

History and Background

Not much is known about Chuchu at the moment, aside from the fact he was born and raised in Old France, when it was still ruled by monarchy.


Chuchu is a purple bear with blue eyes. He wears a black and bright pink beret and a matching bowtie.


Chuchu is a shy bear with a weak and frail body. He loves naps and is always seen slerping but he is awake when performing his work as a manager. He is also quite smart and can notice the minor detail with ease.

Hobbies and Skills

Despite his weak consitution, he is good at managing his idols. He is said to also like to paint.


Chuchu (チュチュ) is the Japanese onomotopeia for the sound a mouse makes. Ironically, he is a bear.


Akane Urawa

The idol he first managed. Both of them are shy and smart and thus get along.

Yayoi Kikugakki

Chuchu was scared of Yayoi at first due to her reuptation as a lawyer but once he got to know her, he found out she wasn't scary ss he thought she would be. Later, he gains a crush on her.


  • Chuchu is one of the mascot managers who doesn't end his sentences with anything.
  • Chuchu frequently visits PriParis in France and can speak French.


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